Translating dreams into chemical products and looking into the future.  "KAWAKEN Chemistry" flies into the world.

Since its establishment, KAWAKEN has addressed research & development and business expansion ahead of the needs of the times.
In addition, KAWAKEN is continuously pursuing the infinite possibilities of chemistry toward the "CHEMICAL CREATOR," expanding its business globally.

Wide Range Products

Household Chemicals Department engages in R&D of surfactants and cosmetic ingredients, etc., which are safe and highly functional.
Fine Chemicals Department engages in commissioned hydrogenation and synthesis of pharmaceutical and agricultural intermediates, etc. by utilizing catalysts and those technologies. KAWAKEN has these two core businesses providing a wide range of products.
Household Chemicals Department


Nonionic Surfactants
Anionic Surfactants
Amphoteric Surfactants
Surfactants for Industrial Use
Household Chemicals Department

Cosmetic Ingredients

Household Chemicals Department

OEM of Cosmetic Products

Fine Chemicals Department

Chemical Products

Fine Chemicals
Hydrogenated Products
Industrial Chemicals
Fine Chemicals Department

Performance Chemicals

Aluminum Organic Compounds
Polymer Dispersants
Fine Chemicals Department

Specialty Chemicals

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Pharmaceutical Intermediates
Commissioned Studies
Fine Chemicals Department

Commissioned Hydrogenation

Hydrogenated products
Pesticide intermediates, Fine chemicals
Fine Chemicals Department


Sponge Metal Catalysts
Precious Metal Catalyst
Recovery and Purification of
Precious Metals
Prototyping of Catalysts
Other Catalysts

Fully Equipped Plants

KAWAKEN is not only engaged in the supply of its products but also done in exact and prompt research, development, production, and sales of products in response to various requests of our customers in close cooperation among factories under two core departments, Household Chemicals Department and Fine Chemicals Department.

"KAWAKEN Chemistry" - meeting the needs of the times.

KAWAKEN commit to the Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) including environmental responsibilities. And energy, environmental, and food issues, in order to tackle the world challenges that symbolizes the era, dignity which now also practiced originality in fine chemicals, the "KAWAKEN CHEMISTRY", to create a more prosperous future through chemistry high, we will continue to move forward as a strong company.

Feel free to contact each department based on your R&D request.

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