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Corporate History

Kawaken Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. was able to celebrate the 70th anniversary of its founding.

1945 Dr. Yasota Kawakami founded the company in the open laboratory of Tokyo Kogyo Shikenjo for the purpose of offering technical consultation and conducting commissioned research.
Established plant in Meguro, Tokyo.
1949 Established Kawakami Research Laboratory.
1950 Relocated plant to Omiya.
1953 Development and launched production and  sales of sponge metal catalysts.
1954 Newly established Technology Department.
1957 Relocated head office to Ogura Building, Kobuna-cho, Nihombashi.
Developed and launched production and sales of surfactant Amisol.
1960 Constructed Saitama Plant in Kawagoe City, and relocated plant.
1963 Opened Osaka branch.
1964 Changed company name to current name “Kawaken Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.”
1968 Developed specialty chemical products.
1970 Constructed Kawakami Memorial Research Laboratory in Saitama Plant.
1974 Yotsuba Co., Ltd. became fully-owned subsidiary.
1977 Established Takefu Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.
1982 Established Enshu Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.
1984 Established Thai Kawaken Co., Ltd.
1988 Established K&FS PTE. LTD.
1989 Relocated head office to current location in Horidome-cho, Nihombashi.
Introduced CI.
1993 Osaka branch celebrated 30th anniversary of opening.
1994 Constructed research center in Takefu Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.
1995 Celebrated 50th anniversary of opening.
Introduced VI.
1998 ISO9002 certification approved.
2002 Constructed mass-production GMP plant in Enshu Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Takefu Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. acquired ISO9001 certification.
2003 Merged Takefu Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. and Enshu Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Acquired ISO9001 certification on a company-wide scale.
Saitama Plant acquired ISO14001 certification.
Fukui Plant acquired ISO14001 certification.
2005 Celebrated 60th anniversary of establishment.
2006 Completion of construction for 6th plant B-area in Shizuoka Plant.
Shizuoka Plant acquired Medicine manufacturing license.
2007 Established Kawaken Sterling Surfactants PVT. LTD.
2008 Completion of construction for 7th plant in Shizuoka Plant.
Completion of construction for laboratory facility in Shizuoka Plant.
2010 Shizuoka Plant acquired ISO 14001 certification.
2013 Established KAWAKEN SINGAPORE PTE. LTD., a sales office in Singapore.
Osaka Office celebrated 50th anniversary of opening.
2014 Completion of construction for additional laboratory facility in Saitama Plant.
2015 Celebrated 70th anniversary of establishment.
Expanded the plant site of Shizuoka Plant.
2021 Completion of construction for general facility in the east area of Shizuoka Plant.
静岡工場 工場東エリアに総合棟竣工
2022 Completion of construction for 2nd Sankuro-plant in Fukui Plant.
2023 Completion of construction for 8th plant in Shizuoka Plant.

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