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Environment Responsibilities

Environmental Policy

Kawaken Fine Chemicals is conscious of the global environment and a resource recycling society, and in order to coexist with the rich nature of the region, we promote energy and resource conservation, as well as environmental conservation and improvement activities. Kawaken Fine Chemicals will continue to create chemistry that is environmentally friendly.
To this end, we will continue to work on the following items as priority issues.

  • We will conduct our organizational activities with constant awareness of environmental impact, and promote sustainable resource use, adaptation to climate change, and biodiversity protection, with an awareness of a resource recycling society.
  • We will implement environmental protection measures, including pollution prevention, in preparation for emergencies such as fires, explosions, and chemical leaks/spills.
  • We will comply with the requirements of environmental laws, regulations, ordinances, and other agreements agreed to by the organization, and will establish voluntary standards and procedures.
  • We will set environmental targets and continuously improve our environmental management system to improve our environmental performance.
  • We will continue to provide education and training to all employees and related personnel, strive to improve the environmental awareness of each employee, and ensure thorough awareness.

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