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Strengths of Fine Chemicals Division

After many years of experience and technology, we are committed to provide excellence to our customers.

After many years of experience and technology,
we are committed to provide excellence to our customers.

Since our establishment,
Fine Chemical Division has committed to provide high quality products using organic synthesis and catalyst technology.
Also, we produce both unique and high performance to our customers.

Specialty Chemicals

Since our founding, we have continued to provide our customers with a wide range of fine chemicals, taking advantage of our accumulated technology and experience in organic synthesis and catalyst preparation.

Specialty Chemicals

Hydrogenation Catalysts

The precious metal catalysts we manufacture are powdered activated carbon loaded with precious metals such as palladium and platinum, and are used in all kinds of hydrogenation reactions, from pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediates to specialty chemicals.

Flow Reaction Catalysts

Catalysts which powdered activated carbon and spherical activated carbon for flow reaction carried with supporting precious metals such as palladium or platinum.

Complex Catalysts

It plays an important role in organic synthetic chemistry and it is effective in coupling reactions and others.

Raney Brand of Catalysts

We currently sell W. R. Grace's RANEY® catalysts as a trading company, which catalysts are widely used in various fields such as fine chemicals, foods, oils and fats, and petrochemicals for dehalogenation and dehydrogenation as well as hydrogenation reactions.

Chemical Products

We have a wide range of products that can be used as raw materials and intermediates for pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and industrial applications, making full use of our proprietary technologies such as catalysts and high-pressure hydrogenation reactions. Please contact us even for compounds not listed here.

Performance Chemicals

We offer a wide range of products with rich functionality to meet various needs in the fields of display and electronic materials, films, coatings, ceramics, binders, paints and inks, adhesives, and resin molding and processing.

Performance Chemicals

Alumina Sol

Alumina sol is a colloidal solution of boehmite nanoparticles dispersed in a medium. Based on the core technology of nanoparticle synthesis, we have established a crystal shape control technology and offer alumina sols in various shapes, such as columnar, plate, and fiber.
Alumina sols are characterized by high transparency and high purity. Alumina sols are used in a wide range of applications such as inorganic binders, filler agents, coating agents, and surface treatment agents for thermal, chemical, and mechanical protection and modification.

Aluminum Organic Compounds

As the first manufacturer in Japan, we have been selling our products for about 70 years. Aluminum alkolates and aluminum chelate compounds are used and investigated in various fields such as reduction catalysts, industrial polymerization catalysts, curing catalysts for epoxy resins and urethane resins, substitutes for Sn catalysts, raw materials for high-purity alumina and ceramics, gelling agents, cross-linking agents, curing agents, resin modification and pigment dispersion for inks, paints, adhesives, etc.
It is being considered for use in a variety of fields, such as gelators, crosslinking agents, curing agents, resin modifiers, and pigment dispersion for inks, paints, and adhesives, etc.
Various functional improvements in strength, drying, water resistance, transparency, heat resistance, anticorrosion, antistatic, adhesion, and pigment dispersion can be expected.

Polymer Dispersants

Polymeric dispersants are used in the production of pigment dispersions in the electronics field, printing inks, paints, colorants, plastic products, etc. They prevent re-agglomeration of particles by adsorbing on the surface of ceramic particles and pigments.
The effects of adding polymeric dispersants are expected to increase the solid concentration of the dispersion, improve productivity, decrease viscosity, and improve stability over time.


Lubricants reduce the viscosity of resin melts, improve mold release from metal surfaces during molding, and contribute to improved physical properties of plastic products.

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