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Quality Responsibilities

Quality Policy

"Foundation of chemical technology, to promote a healthy and comfortable life" is KAWAKEN's business concept. We provide high-performance fine chemical products, household-related products, and product R&D service support to our customers.
We continuously research and developed below subjects

  • We constantly innovate technology, and anticipate products for the customer needs.
  • We comply with the social requirements of laws and regulations and prompt response to customer requirements.
  • We improve overall performance by constantly managing quality control and performing maintenance and improvement.
  • And we continuously educate and train employees to improve the product quality.

Quality Assurance System

With the objective of maintaining its quality assurance system, Kawaken Fine Chemicals has introduced and thoroughly implemented the ISO9001 quality management system across the board. It steadily makes use of the "quality management system" through compliance, tireless technological innovation, and continuous maintenance and improvement. In addition, Kawaken Fine Chemicals is devoted to field management at its plants in Saitama, Fukui, and Shizuoka as a quality assurance organization, and to collective management at its head office. Kawaken Fine Chemicals is always striving to provide products and services that can meet the trust and expectatoins of its customers.

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