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Anionic Surfactants

ALANON™ is an amino acid-type surfactant widely used in products such as shampoos, facial cleansers, and body washes. It provides moderate cleansing power and leaves the skin feeling moisturized. SOYPON™ has a long-standing history of use in the global market, ranging from toothpaste to cleansers, body washes, and household detergents.

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Amphoteric Surfactants

It is widely used in products such as shampoo, facial cleanser, body wash, household detergent, etc. Imidazoline-type amphoteric surfactants are widely used in shampoos and skin cleansing products due to their low irritation to the skin and eyes.
Amido betaine-type amphoteric surfactants provide high foaming and cleansing power in hard water and a wide pH range.
SOFTAZOLINE™ LSB is an amido sulfobetaine-type amphoteric surfactant that enhances thickening when combined with fatty acid soaps and amino acid activators.
SOFTAZOLINE™ LAO-C is an amido amine oxide-type amphoteric surfactant that exhibits high foaming properties in both hard water and a wide pH range.
SOFTAZOLINE™ LMEB is a carboxy betaine-type amphoteric surfactant with color fading inhibition properties for dyed hair.
It also has excellent foaming and foam-boosting properties, and desalted versions are available.

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Nonionic Surfactants

It is widely used in body washes, shampoos, household detergents, etc., as a thickening agent, foam stabilizer, and agent for improving the sensory experience.

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Cosmetic Ingredients

KAWATECT™ SAS can give hair firmness and elasticity, achieving a volumizing effect. It provides smoothness to the hair, is non-irritating, and offers excellent safety.
When KAWASOFT™ is formulated in conditioner, it suppresses the lift-up of the hair cuticle, smoothens the hair surface, and improves finger-combing.
After drying, the hair becomes well-organized, and the touch is moist and soft. Allantoin is widely used in basic cosmetics and other products as an active ingredient.

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