Fine Chemicals Department

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After many years of experience and technology,
We are committed to provide excellence to our customers

Since our establishment, Fine Chemical Division has committed to provide high quality products using organic synthesis and catalyst technology.Also, we produce both unique and high performance to our customers.

Fine Chemicals Division Features

Wide Product Range

Our portfolio ranges from manufacturing equipment to pharmaceutical products to a variety of fields.

Technological Development

With the knowledge we have acquired since our establishment, we deliver high quality organic synthesis and catalyst technology.

Support / Capabilities

We provide strongest support to our customers with the response as quick and flexible as possible.

Business Contents


  • Fine Chemical Products
  • Industrial chemicals

Specialty Chemicals

  • Pharmaceutical bulk
  • Pharmaceutical intermediate

Functional Materials

  • Aluminum organic compounds
  • Alumina sol
  • Lubricant
  • Polymer Dispersants


  • Sponge Metal Catalysts
  • Precious Metal Catalysts
  • Catalytic trial manufacture
  • Complex Catalysts

Commissioned Hydrogenation

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